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Dover Renaissance 5K this Saturday

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On Sunday, May 15, 2016



No, Pete Lee of Randolph really doesn’t think he should play musical chairs with the race he directs.  His intentions were always good.   The Dover Renaissance 5K was in October.  Then the hand of God, and sometimes the hand of the Dover Public Works kind of messed things up.  Road work one year, a Hurricane another year, hopes for an August niche, and now - well lookee here.  He’s done it again! The Dover Renaissance 5K will be this Saturday, May 21st.

All for a very good reason.   Look at the calendar.   Armed Forces Day is May 21st. 
Lee was contacted by the local Dover Police Force/Policeman’s Benevolent Association and an organization you may not have heard of until now – the Military Mama Network.  They asked him if he could do something to recognize the day.

Here’s the scoop on Military Mama.  In the three short years the group has existed we have sent much needed supplies to all branches of the military, helped veterans repair homes, and aided military families when there was no one else to turn to,” wrote  Susan Shauer of Dover in an email.  Military Mama is a non-profit and all work is donation driven with over 50 local chapters in the country. 

Funds raised by the race will be shared with the Military Mama Network.  Not only that,
All military men and women, be they active, veteran or reserve will enjoy the same discount that goes to members of USATF when they pre-register. The mail-in entry application deadline is past but on-line doesn’t close until Thursday, the 19th.

Loyal Renaissancers will be happy to know that the original course will be used and really good news is that the Prospect Street Bridge is now open and the Prospect Street parking lot will be accessible. Another nice touch is the Dover Historical Building that is by the starting line will also be open for runners to see displays set up recognizing Dover and Armed Forces Day. 

As always certain age divisions will go deeper than three people based on the previous year’s participation.  In the oldest age divisions there may be only one or two awards, but Lee will adjust that if the entries for those divisions increase.


Road racers can venture into the world of track and field next Sunday, May 22nd.   The New Jersey championship is being held for the first time at Newark Schools Stadium that is located just off Exit 148 on the Garden State Parkway – at the Newark Bloomfield border on Bloomfield Avenue.  Never heard of it?   Me either.  So I looked it up.  It was built in 2011 and from the photo I saw it looks like a beautiful facility. 

The 10,000 meter race (25 laps) at 8:30 a.m. and the 5,000 meter race (12.5 laps) at 10:00 a.m. are both in the NBGP as 500 point races.  Not sure about running all those laps?  Then you can choose the 1,500 meter race with less than four laps.  Even shorter is the 800 with just two laps.  All of the events in the track meet are part of the track and field grand prix.  There is no race day sign-up.  Mail in entries can be sent tomorrow, Monday, and the on-line deadline is Wednesday, May 18th.

Two throwing events and the Steeplechase will be held on June 5th at Monmouth University.
Information is on the USATF NJ website’s track and field calendar.  Notice that the Princeton Athletic Club and the New Jersey Striders host summer track series.


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