Sunday, May 8, 2016

Choose your distance - take your pick from 5K to miles, and miles and miles

Published by the DAILY RECORD of Morris County, New Jersey
On Sunday, May 8, 2016


As any runner knows, it is easy to find races to run.  At the end of this column when space permits readers are directed to the USATF-NJ website, to Race Forum, CompuScore and Best Races. 

The USATF web calendar features all sanctioned races and is pretty comprehensive.  I took a look and found some interesting reading there.  Well not exactly a spellbinder, but interesting.

If you wanted to run a 5K in the next week or so there are plenty of them around, more than likely less than an hour away from your door.  On Sunday, the 15th is a 5K in Basking Ridge, using the same course as the “Are you faster than a Ridge runner?”

If you were looking for a bit more of a challenge, there is the Lake Mohawk 8 mile challenge on Saturday the 14th in Sparta.  Or choose to run with the girls in the Girl’s on the Run 5K at the same location.

OK, 8 miles is not challenge enough, then how about the Super Hero Half marathon?  That is on Sunday the 15th at the Ginty Field, Morris Township staging location.  Dress as a super hero and you may win a prize for your costume.

Not enough distance in a half marathon?  Well, head up to the Sussex County Fairgrounds in Augusta and you can run your toenails off at the 3 days at the fair.   Start on Thursday, May 12th and see how many one mile laps you can do in 72 hours.  Or start on Friday morning and go for 48 hours.  Start on Saturday and run for 24 hours.  See how much fun this is?

A little too challenging? Well run for 12 hours, or just six.  On the other hand try for the 50K title.  Or maybe, just maybe you want a real challenge.  How about four back to back full marathons.

No way! You say?   Well, yes, there are runners who do these kinds of things.  And they are not just a handful.  A lot of people are doing ultras these days.  In 2015 Darren Worts of Chatham, who was featured here in May 2009 did those four marathons, and he wasn’t the only one, but the best at it.  He didn’t really slow down until the fourth marathon.  His times were 3:25:11, 3:28:00, 3:29:16 and then 4:20:22.

If you go to the NJtrail series website you might be amazed, as I was, to see so many people who competed in 2015.  Now, in 2016, the 50K that starts on Saturday, and the 48 and 24 hour races have been designated as New Jersey championships.

Last weekend a similar lineup of races was held at Bear Mountain; the North Face Endurance Challenge.   In the full marathon, and we are talking trail racing now, were 329 finishers, in the 50K were 466, the marathon had 204 and the half marathon a whopping 722.   I scanned the results and although there was a good sprinkling of New Jersey runners, almost no names rang a bell.  Two that did were Luke Falk of Rockaway who finished the half marathon in 2:26:43 and Peter Tummey, also of Rockaway who finished the half in 2:26:28.


Roberta Groner of Randolph won the women’s race in the Clinton Country Run 15K last weekend.  She finished tenth overall in 56:02.   Allie Clark of Morristown was second woman in 59:31.  Clark’s husband  Ben placed third overall in 53:45 while Karl O’Reilly, also of Morristown was second in 52:47.  Atilla Sabahoglu of  Somerset won the race in 52:06.

Next up for USATF runners is the Newport 10,000 this Saturday in Jersey City.


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