Sunday, April 26, 2015

Newport 10,000 next state championship

Published by the DAILY RECORD of Morris County, New Jersey
On Sunday, April 26, 2015


The Newport 10,000 that is coming up next Saturday in Jersey City is always interesting.  Because prize money is offered to elite Americans and to any and all runners regardless of affiliation it attracts from everywhere.  In 2014 the top runners were from New York, Boulder, Bronx, Falmouth, before a New Jersey runner, Chris Johnson of New Providence finished in fifth place.  On the women’s side, Julie Culley from Lebanon was first, with the next New Jersey woman, Cheyenne Ogletree, in fifth place.

The race is a championship for open men and women in the state.  The professional runners are removed from the New Jersey scoring and have their own division.   Although it is an open championship plenty of masters runners also compete, making up open teams that might have no open runners at all.    The race drew 1,259 runners in 2014 with 16 complete men’s teams and 8 complete women’s teams.


On Saturday is the Celebrate Morris Township 5K to celebrate the town’s 275th anniversary.  Parking and registration is at 475 South Street opposite Loantaka Park with all post race activities in the park.

Two Sunday road races are the Whippany Fire Company 5K on Sunday, in Bee Meadow Park, and the Madison 5K  being held at the Madison High School.  Both races will be run on certified courses and are in the New Balance grand prix.


Of all the races being offered next weekend, probably the most welcomed is also the toughest.
After a five year hiatus the Morris Mauler is back.  It is being held on Sunday, May 3rd at Lewis Morris Park and is definitely not a road race.

According to race director Dave Hoch it is the toughest, nastiest, meanest 5K cross country trail race in the area.  If you’ve ever done the race you can agree with that.  You twice climb what in the winter time is a toboggan run.  The first time around you say, OK, that was tough.  The second time you are wondering why you ever agreed to sign up.

But it is also fun thanks to Hoch, who unlike many race directors is a lifelong runner and racer.  He doesn’t supply just water after the run, but his “famous”   Vegan chili, BBQ, cold beverages including beer for the legal age runners.  Once runners have recovered a bit from the race they can play a game of horseshoes and just enjoy the day.

One thing that has changed about the event is that you must pre-register.   The online deadline is Thursday, April 30th at .

Last fall a hunter was attacked by a rabid coyote in Chester Township and this past week we learned of another rabid coyote in the town of Norwood.  While the prospect of being bitten by a coyote is not one to relish, the prospect of having to go through a series of shots to prevent the development of rabies is the part that is dreaded.  So why don’t those of us who are out running the trails of New Jersey and other outdoor persons just get an annual rabies shot like our pets do?  I asked this of Boonton Township Health Officer and fellow runner, Steve Austin. 

Austin told me that some people do get rabies vaccinations but they are not as simple as the quick jab that Fido or kitty get.  It is a three part series and not nearly as inexpensive either.  With little demand there is also little incentive for the pharmaceutical industry to develop a better system. 

Avoid any wild animal while you are out in the woods.  Coyotes are not the only animals likely to be infected with rabies.  Raccoons and fox, as well as bats are creatures that you might encounter.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Morris Mauler is back - Sunday, May 3rd

It’s Baaaack!

The Morris Mauler is back.  Sunday, May 3rd at Lewis Morris Park.

The toughest, nastiest, meanest 5K cross country trail race in the area.  That’s what race director Dave Hoch says.  I did it once and I can attest to that.

But it is also fun thanks to Hoch:  Vegan chili, BBQ, cold beverages.  Play a game of horseshoes and just enjoy the day after climbing that monstrous hill – you do it twice.

Everything will be just as you remember it except for one thing.  It is pre-registration only, thanks to a new rule in the park.  You’ve got to register now – deadline is Thursday, April 30th.
But do it today so Hoch will know how many burgers, buns and beer to order.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Try out the Hoka One One shoes on Thursday in Madison

 Hoka One One night in Madison this Thursday

If you have been itching to try out those Hoka One One running shoes that the ultra runners are crazy about, you will have a chance this Thursday, April 23rd in Madison, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Starting Line Sports at 40 Main Street will have a range of Hoka One One models to try-on and take for a demo run.  Yes, right out the door and run in them.  The Hoka One One rep will be at the store to answer any questions.

That’s not all, “Garmin Gary” will be there to discuss and answer questions about the various Garmin products.  Garmin is currently offering a $25.00 rebate on the Forerunner 220 and a $50.00 rebate on the Forerunner 620.

Feetures and Nathan will have socks and hydration and reflective gear to demo.  Nathans will also be raffling off some goodies.   Refreshments will be provided.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Running the hills of Las Vegas a fun break from New Jersey

Published by the DAILY RECORD of Morris County, New Jersey
On Sunday, April 19, 2015


This past week I was away on a short visit to Las Vegas.   I wasn’t in Vegas to gamble, but to visit my sister and her husband who moved there a couple of years ago from Washington State.  They actually live in Henderson, one of the suburbs that surround the town. 

While Las Vegas and the outlying areas is mostly dead flat desert, they are ringed by treeless hills.  For us flatlanders who live in New Jersey where our elevation, even here in the highlands, is less than a thousand feet those hills can look daunting.

But oh what a treat to be able to get on the trails and start running and hiking those hills.  That is what my partner and I did every day of our visit.  Each morning we would drive to Anthem Park and go wild on those hills.  What a change from our winter weather to the Nevada sun and the winding switch back single track trails that went up and up and abruptly down. 

A hand lettered sign identified the trail I liked best as the “Sidewinder”; an apt description for sure.  Another trail was a double track trail that was some seven or eight miles long that was mostly in a valley.  You could actually run on that trail and not fear missing a turn.  It saw a lot of use from runners who wanted a workout, like my friend, while I mostly stayed up on the hills enjoying the views.

I did get myself on that trail last Saturday after cutting down from the Sidewinder.  A very fit looking runner disappeared around a turn up ahead of me.  Soon I was being quickly overtaken by a similarly fit man.  As he went by he asked how far ahead the other guy was.  I gave a quick estimate of a couple of minutes and off he went.

Soon a third runner came past me.  I asked if they were in some impromptu race and he replied no, they were in training for “the” race next week.  Soon after a very fit and very fast woman went by and disappeared.

The trail soon climbed up and joined the Sidewinder trail in a knot of trails coming together on the crest of the ridge.  The speeding runners had stopped there for a break giving me a chance to ask them what race they were training for.  The Spartan race they said in Sin City.  “Oh, I’m from New Jersey and going back in a couple of days,” I said.

“New Jersey has one next week too,” I was told.  Indeed it does, or in this case, did.  The race took place on Saturday at Mountain Creek resort in Sussex County.  Getting specific information about the events is difficult.  All the Spartan races are obstacle events and all feature obstacles like the mud runs, but more intense and challenging.  What they all have in common is that there is no course map and no information about what the obstacles will be.  You must be prepared for everything and anything.  Check it out at


For runners who prefer to avoid obstacles, the next challenge is Saturday for the Clinton Country Run 15K that is a championship race for all divisions.  Currently the Morris based Garmin racing team is on top after the Miles for Music 20K with 59 points.  The North Jersey Masters are next with 51 points and the Adidas Garden State Track Club is next with 45.  The only other local team is the Do Run Runners with 31 points in seventh place.


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Friday, April 17, 2015

Captain Ronald Zinn Anniversary Run and Walk

Captain Ronald  Zinn Anniversary Run and Walk

An interesting race is being held on Sunday, April 19th in Wall Township.  The Captain Zinn 5K is billed as the oldest New Jersey 5K, and is the first and thus oldest Vietnam Veteran’s race in the United States.  It honors all the men and women who served in the Viet Nam conflict.

Ronald Zinn was a two time Olympian who finished sixth in the 20 kilometer racewalk at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.  At the Pan America Games in 1963 he placed third in the 20 kilometer walk.  Captain Zinn was killed in a firefight in Viet Nam in July 1965.

The race is the 50th anniversary celebration and features a 10K Walk at 10:00 a.m. and a 5K Run at 11:00 a.m.  The event is being coordinated by Dave Hoch who will be serving Dave’s Famous Vegan Chili and other snacks post race.  A post race social is taking place at CJ’s in Spring Lake Heights on Route 71.  CJ’s will provide two dollar beers to all contestants wearing a race number.

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