Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Rabid coyote on the Black River Wildlife Management Trail

Rabies Warning

Wednesday’s issue of the Daily Record has a front page story concerning a rabid coyote attacking and biting two different people who were in the Black River Wildlife Management area on Sunday.   A cyclist was bitten on the leg and a hunter was jumped and bitten on the face, according to the story.  The hunter used his hunting knife to fight back and kill the coyote.

The West Morris Greenway trail that begins at Horseshoe Lake park in Roxbury and goes over four miles to Pleasant Hill Road in Chester is in the Black River Wildlife Management area.  The old railroad bed is used by many runners and cyclist. 

All are advised to stay alert and to report any aggressive animals to wildlife officials. (I suggest that you carry cell phones)  Other animals that are susceptible to rabies include fox, raccoon, skunks, groundhogs and feral cats.  All of these animals inhabit the Black River Wildlife Management area, including feral cats.

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