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Track and Field meet next Saturday

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On Sunday, June 8, 2014
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Track and Field meet next Saturday

Road runners can get a crack at track and field next weekend, when the USATF New Jersey open and masters championship takes place at Georgian Court in Lakewood on Saturday, June 14th.  Road runners can choose from a 10 kilometer race that is the first track event in the day’s lineup, or the 5,000 meter run that follows the 5,000 meter race walk. 

In the afternoon are the 800 meter run and a 1,500 meter run for road runners who want to try those shorter more intense distances.  Also in the afternoon are the 100 meters, 200 meters and 400 meters.  Relays wrap up the day’s events.

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Local man wins Stomp the Monster 5k, Local woman is third woman overall

At the Stomp the Monster 5K in Marlboro this past Sunday Yousseff Rochdi of Rockaway hit the finish line in 15:07 to win the race.  The race, which seeks to raise money to stomp out cancer, was the USATF championship for women.  Elena Rozhko of Morristown finished in 17:44, for third woman overall and first masters woman.

Rozhko lead her Morristown based Garmin women’s team to third place in the team competition.  The team competition was dominated by the Adidas Garden State Track Club that placed a team in first, second and fourth.

According to my unofficial score keeping of the teams, the Adidas Garden State Track Club’s A team now has a good lead over the other teams with 48 points with the Garmin team in second with 36 points and Raritan Valley in third with 26 points.

Roxbury records broken on Monday night

At the Roxbury Community Benefit 5K this past Monday 623 runners finished the race with Yousseff Rochdi of Rockaway the winner, setting a new course record of 15:19.  Rochdi was in good company with Justin Schied of Sparta second in 15:44 and Collin Frost of Randolph, the 2013 winner in third in 16:49.  Maria Dana of Kenvil was a repeat winner, finishing in 18:01 to lower her own course record of 18:13 set in 2013.

President's Cup Night Race will host Men's Championship next Monday
To break 15 minutes in a 5K, a runner must run at 4:49 per mile pace or faster.  For the past three years that time has not been reached in what is considered possibly the fastest 5K in the state, the President’s Cup Night Race. 

The race that is being held on Monday, June 16th in Millburn is the USATF men’s state championship and will draw the best of the best that is currently racing in New Jersey.  Since 1999 only fourteen men have run under fifteen minutes with four men claiming that distinction twice.  Only one of those men is currently racing in New Jersey.  That man is Justin Scheid of Sparta whose fastest time of 14:42 was run in 2009.  In 2010 he won the race with a 14:50.  Scheid has been racing in 2014 but will need to knock some seconds off his mile pace to go under the magic 15 in eight days.

In 2013 the winner was Ken Goglas of Port Reading who finished nine seconds over the mark, in 15:08.  Stephen Mennitt of Edison was second in 15:12 and Scheid was back in 15:24.  Will the winner be Rochdi who won the Stomp the Monster on the 1st in 15:07?  Are there other speedster ready to pounce? 

The President’s Cup Night Race is a great spectator course for the quick footed spectator who can dash between the two parallel roads that are the main streets of Millburn; Essex Street and Millburn Avenue.
 President’s Cup Night Race 5K performances 

under 15 minutes since 1999 

By fastest time

1  Gene Mitchell                                  14:34   2003

2  Mark Nichol                                    14:37   2003
3  Jackson Kipng’ok                           14:38   2003
4  Chris Pannone                                 14:38   2009
5  Justin Scheid                                   14:42   2009
6  Stephen Ondieki                             14:43   2003
7  Matt Ruhl                                        14:47   2003
8  Stephen Ondieki                 1          14:49   2004
9  Justin Scheid                                   14:50   2010
10 Jeff Perrella                                    14:50   2011
11  Scott DeFilippis                            14:51   2006
12  Stephen Ondieki                           14:51   2005
13  Fouzi Aloui                                   14:53   1999
14  Gene Mitchell                               14:54   2005
15  Anthony DeBenedictis                 14:54   2004
16  Erick Too                                      14:57  2005
17 Nick Pellegrino                              14:57  2005
18 Fouzi Aloui                                    14:57   2000
19  Michael Mykytok                          14:58   2003


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