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New Jersey runners make national headlines

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On Sunday, December 29, 2013
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Diane Stone of Bernardsville was the featured Phidippides award winner in the December 2013/January 2014 issue of National Masters News.  In a very interesting article Stone relates how she first started running when she was forty-five years old and how she ran her first marathon at age 50 and was timed in 4:30:45.  The next year she squeaked in under 4:30 at 4:29:56.  She made the point that it was all gun time back then.  No chips to track the actual time from start line to finish line.

Stone who is now in the W80 division ran in forty five races in 2013, although that number has probably changed since the story went to press.  She ran for her Morris County Strider team at the national USATF cross country masters championship in October, a division with no other contenders.  She and her teammates were featured in a photo with the newspaper article about the race that was held at Deer Path Park in Readington.


The deadline for submitting your application for the Phidippides Award is January 31, 2014.  The award goes to those runners who compete in a number of races thus honoring the famous Greek runner Phidippides. 

The qualification for the award is based on points assigned to the various race distances.  For instance a 5K is assigned a value of one point.  Ten miles is valued at three points and 25K and the marathon and those even longer are valued at four points.

Younger runners need to tally more points than their older counterparts.  To earn a Gold award in the 40 through 59 ages a runner needs 20 points, while a runner who is 80 and older needs only eight. 

The award is given to members of USATF and membership is also a requirement for the New Jersey New Balance Grand prix.   Enrollment is now going on.   Information for signing up is at

Runners who were members of USATF in 2013 can go to the national website to find the application at the Masters Long Distance Running page.  In the past six years, since the start of the Phidippides Award, New Jersey runners look to be a decided majority of recipients.

Ten New Jersey runners, including Stone, will receive their five year plaque for having qualified for an award in the previous five years. 


2013 racing season is over and 2014 will begin on Wednesday.  Oh yes, it’s time to race again and you will have four races to choose from on New Year’s Day.  Actually, you only have three to choose from now because one, the Resolution Run 5K in Hillsborough, has closed its registration after reaching its cap of 500 runners.

The Hamilton Hangover five mile race will go off at 12:30 p.m.   This will be the 32nd race that last year drew 459 finishers.

Not to be outdone, the Hangover 5K in Tamaques Park in Westfield also will be celebrating 32 years of history.  At one time the event was just a club run for the Central Jersey Road Runners club but it has morphed over the years into a competitive race.  It goes off at 12 noon.  Last year 788 runners finished the race.

Probably the baby of the bunch of New Year’s Day races is the 1st Day 5K in Fairlawn that sprang up in 2013.  It has grown since then to over four hundred finishers in 2013.  It has the earliest start time of 11:00 a.m.

Participation is understandably influenced by the weather on the first day of the New Year.  Forecasts show that it will be seasonable with a high in the low 30’s with a possibility of some snow.

Race Results can often be found at or at 
A calendar of USATF sanctioned events can be found at or at for running and tri and biathlon events.
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