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Easy access to info a distant memory

Published by the DAILY RECORD of Morris County, New Jersey
On Sunday, September 1, 2013
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Now I don’t want to sound like a crotchety old timer, even though I am one right now after trying to find information about races.  Back in the day race organizers put together a race flyer, usually one 8 ½ by 11 inches.  It told you the date of the race, the time it would start, where it was of course and what the divisions were, along with information on what the prizes would be if you managed to place in your division.  If you had any questions there would be a phone number to call.

Ah, but now, now, there is a website.  Well maybe a website, but often the website you are directed to is the website of the charity that the race will benefit.  Often times the website is actually the sign up link on a registration website.  It may, or may not have the information you are seeking. 

New Jersey has an excellent race calendar magazine, the Race Forum, but it can only print the information supplied by the organizers.  Some are very good and some leave out important details, especially to the reporter looking to verify information.

There are Morris area races in September and some are listed here.

The first on the list is not in Morris County, but is the USATF New Jersey women’s championship 5K.   It is the Jimmy D Memorial 5K that is taking place this morning in New Brunswick.  The race course is about as straight an out and back course as can be found.  The finish is on the track at Memorial Stadium on Joyce Kilmer Avenue where all post race activities will be held.

Team grand prix points will be on the line but most of the Morris area clubs will be putting their faster masters women on their A teams.  The Garden State Track Club will be a shoe in for first and likely second.  Third could be a tossup but don’t rule out the Garmin women’s team that is made up mostly of masters women, but those women can run.

Next Sunday, September 7, Netcong is hosting a 5K that will start and finish on Maple Avenue in front of Netcong Borough Hall.

The following Saturday, September 14th is a 5K in Florham Park on the Green at 180 Park Avenue.  September 14th is also the date of a 5K in Malapardis Park in Cedar Knolls.   That same weekend, on Sunday there is a 10K and 5K at Giralda Farms in Madison. 

In Chester, on Saturday, September 21 there is a 5K and in Madison on Sunday September 22 the Cheshire Home 5K is taking place.

Stanhope is hosting a 5K on Saturday, September 28th.  Boonton Township is also hosting a race on the 28th and will offer a 10K and a 10K relay.  The next day on September 29th a 5K will be run in Basking Ridge in Harry Dunham Park

That’s about it for Morris area races but there are some outside the county that will attract local runners.  One is the mile race in Long Branch on September 14th and on the other end of the spectrum is the half marathon USATF championship on Sunday, September 22nd in Jersey City.

Race Results can often be found at or at 
A calendar of USATF sanctioned events can be found at or at for running and tri and biathlon events.
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