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Verizon Wireless Corporate Classic this Thursday in Morristown

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On Sunday, July 14, 2013
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Right smack in the middle of summer comes one of the most popular race in Morris County.  For that matter let’s include all of the “northern” counties as the other really big races are down the Shore.

The Verizon Wireless Corporate Classic invites runners of all abilities and with no ability to run 3.1 miles to come and have some fun.  It’s a formula that works and this year will be no exception.  Those who can’t run for the full three miles may outnumber those who can.  Well over half the field of 3,779 finishers in 2012 were clocked at over ten minutes per mile pace.  Which is precisely the point.  The race is held to encourage fitness among corporate employees and if they have to walk a little, jog a little they are participating.

Up front of course are some fast runners.  In 2012 Christopher Johnson of Berkeley Heights won the race in 15:55 putting his time as the eighth fastest.  Rachel Sorna of Hopewell Junction, NY won the women’s side in 17:59, the second fastest time for all women.  Only Elena Rozhko of Morristown has run faster.  Rozhko clocked in at 17:49 in 2011.

Another aspect makes this race different.  The race uses chip time to determine the results.  Many races are now timed with sophisticated computer chip systems but the results show the actual time from the firing of the starter pistol to the person’s crossing of the finish line.  The Verizon Wireless Corporate Classic shows the time from when the runner crosses the start line as well as the finish line.

It’s a feature that is used in many large races across the country but not used here in New Jersey.  For a race with close to four thousand runners it does make sense.  It may take a runner several minutes to even reach the starting line.  Of course just getting to the starting line does not mean that a person is able to run freely in a crowded race.

In fact, a runner who is late to the start might benefit greatly from it.  Let’s imagine that our runner has been caught in traffic and gets into the parking garage.  He hurriedly strips down to racing gear and heads for the start.  Too late!  Even the slowest runners are a quarter mile down the road.

Ah, but that means our tardy runner now has a clear field in which to run, easily slipping past walkers and baby jogging parents.  He is never impeded and as he passes more and more runners he does not have to pass the others in his age division to win it.  His time will be recorded from the time he started running until he finishes and he may well have the fastest time.

Does it matter?  Not in this race.  Only the top three men and top three women are recognized.
Although times are recorded and published, there are no age division awards.  Remember, this is about participation and a night of fitness.

Ninety-nine men’s teams and eighty-two women’s team had at least three finishers in 2012.  It is after all not named the “Corporate” Classic for nothing. 

The race starts at 7:30 p.m. and for more information go to the race website,  Check out the race course map as there has been slight changes.


At the Lawyers for Kids 5K this past Thursday in Morris Township Mount Olive High School 3200 meter standout Sarah Masukewicz, 16, of Flanders was the first female to finish.  Her time was 19:27.   The overall winner was Henley Hage of East Orange with a time of 18:26.

On Tuesday the Morris County Striders are hosting their second race of the cross country series held at Johanson Park in Boonton Township.  Start time is 7:00 p.m.

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