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Indian Trails 15K will continue the USATF-NJ open division drama

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On Sunday, March 31, 2013

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The second USATF – New Jersey Championship race of the season is next Sunday, April 7th at the Indian Trails 15K in Middletown.  The race actually is run up and over the roads of Navesink.  Some of the roads are unpaved, and all of the roads are hills.  You will be either climbing or clinging.  OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration but that last hill coming off the peak with the breathtaking view of the Manhattan Skyline might make you wish you had lifeline.
It’s a true swoosh down into the golf course for the run to the finish.

The race is for the open men and women and wisely so as some of the older masters runners would not appreciate the course.  The open division team grand prix could get very interesting this year.  Only three years back the Raritan Valley Road Runners were the dominant men’s and women’s teams.  The Sneaker Factory teams were the runners-up; placing second with both their men’s and women’s teams.  The Clifton Road Runners were the third place men’s team and the Fleet Feet Essex team was third on the women’s side.

 In 2011 Raritan Valley’s men’s team dropped to third, Sneaker Factory kept second, but the newly minted Garden State Track Club team took first.  The women’s side was unchanged from 2010.

Look what happened in 2012.  Garden State took first and third with their B team in the open men’s with the Raritan Valley team back in Second place.   Garden State took first open women, Raritan Valley was pushed to second and the Garmin Runners popped up in third.  The Sneaker Factory disappeared from the top three.

Thanks to a new rule enacted at the Long Distance Running Committee meeting in February, only an A team will be awarded a title at the end of the season, so what happened in 2012 will not happen again.  The B team will be gone.

However, B and C teams can certainly be in the mix and they have not only gotten  into the mix,  they are the story for the spring season.  The Garden State teams already have put their stamp on the open men’s competition, although not exactly as planned.  As I wrote about in my column earlier this month, at the Miles for Music 20K the Garden State A team finished with only four scoring members as their fifth man was ineligible.  Not only did the A team not score, but their B team got beat by their C team.  Raritan Valley was third and Garmin runners were fourth. The Garmin open men’s team was actually an M40 team but with enough talent to nearly beat the third place Raritan Valley team.  They were timed at just 7 seconds back.

In 2012 the Garmin women’s team was third overall in the open women’s team grand prix and first in the W40 division.  At the Miles for Music 20K on the open women’s side the Garden State A team placed first and the B team was third, with the Garmin women splitting the two teams.

So where did those Garmin runners come from?  Remember the Running Company?  Yep, most of the runners on the Garmin team once ran for the now disbanded Running Company team.  Gary Rosenberg of Morristown gathered the orphaned runners together to form the new Garmin team with a few additions, like Elena Rozhko of Morristown for the women’s team.
The Garmin team scored in another way in 2013.  They have recruited the Randolph based Geezers who will make up their M50 and M60 teams. 

As I said, it will be an interesting season.


There are many races other than the championship next weekend and some in the Morris County area.  The Green Village Fire Department is hosting a 5K on Sunday April 7th.  There is also an event at the College of St. Elizabeth in Morristown on Sunday.  The Denim Day 5K is a walk and non-competitive run, despite the running figures on the race’s logo.  It will not be officially timed. 


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