Sunday, January 20, 2013

Madeline Bost Receives USATF-NJ President's Award

At the USATF-NJ Banquet on January 19, 2013, Madeline Bost was given the Presidents Award. The text of USATF-NJ President Ed Neighbor's presentation of the award to Madeline is below.

President’s Award: Presented to an association member, official, administrator or volunteer, who has aided the association in its commitment to improve its services to or events staged for its members.
This year the recipient is no stranger to this award. You can either credit or curse this year’s recipient as the reason I am standing at this podium as President of the New Jersey Association.

I was approached by this year’s recipient to join a running club called the Morris County Striders. I was welcomed into the club and became the club’s secretary taking notes. I guess because of my note taking ability I was asked to take notes at LDR Committee meetings. From there my involvement in the NJ Association grew. I am standing here as President because of that first step in bringing me into the New Jersey Association.

During my term as President I have come to rely on her advice. She is always willing to listen and express her opinion. She is not shy about calling me up and telling me when she thinks I am wrong, need to step up and provides me with guidance and support.
She has come to recognize my phone number on her caller ID and still she will pick up the phone and listen and mentor me in leading this Association. I am forever grateful for all the help she has given me during my term as President.

This year’s recipient has served the NJ Association as a member of the Track and Field and LDR Committees. She has also served the Association as Treasurer, Vice President, President and is current Secretary. She has helped build the New Jersey Association and put in place the strong foundation on which we continue to build and grow the NJ Association into one of the strongest and most respected Associations within USA Track and Field.

At the National Level she has been on the Masters Track and Field Committee and currently serves as the secretary of the Masters LDR Committee. She was instrumental in developing New Jersey’s successful bid to host the 2013 USATF National Master’s 5k Cross Country Championship to be held on October 20th at Deer Path Park in Readington New Jersey.

It is my honor to present this year’s President’s Award to Madeline Bost.

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